About Mindful Voices

At Mindful Voices, we create experiences, share tools, and host conversations centred around the practice of mindfulness. We live in a world where social media and technology blur the lines between illusion and reality, past and present, society and self. Our mission is to share practical and accessible tools to improve mindfulness in all areas of life. Our experiences encourage you to look inward and find space to breathe. Be comfortable with a moment’s silence. Gain perspective. Be exposed to wisdom, both ancient and emerging.

Our first release explores the importance of sleep and how a good night’s sleep can impact our daily lives. Our nidras and meditations are designed for seekers and sceptics alike and provide a guided path to explore mindfulness and start thinking about present moments instead of worrying solely about the future or dwelling on the past.

If you would like to contribute music or recordings of your own to Mindful Voices, you can reach out via email: hello@mindfulvoices.co.